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We Move 20 • Live From Red Bull Studios New York ft. Space Ghost


We Move 20 • Live From Red Bull Studios New York ft. Space Ghost

Our 20th We Move broadcast, presented by DTW FM (@marcoweibel & @mawkus) which aired exclusively on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 on London's Radar Radio (@radarradio_ldn) recorded direct from Red Bull Studios New York.

We Move 20 •


Engineered by Hasan (@hasaninsane)
Artwork by Marco Weibel (@marcoweibel)



DTW We Move Intro

Fevra - Sands Of Time (feat.D.Hart & falcxne) (forthcoming DTW)

fzpz - hermit (forthcoming DTW)

fzpz - swordmaster (forthcoming DTW)

Fevra - Keep Things Together (feat. Joon Jukx) (forthcoming DTW)

fzpz - twin maidens (forthcoming DTW)

Fevra - Nova Flexin’ (Feat. Kei-Li & D. Hart) (forthcoming DTW)

Space Ghost - Color Waves 

Fede Lng - Untitled (unreleased) 

Munir - Ashitaka No Dansu (forthcoming DTW)

Munir - Together We Live (forthcoming DTW)

Subjoi - Make Me 

fzpz - trickster (forthcoming DTW)


Space Ghost Interview

No tracklist


Space Ghost Guest Set

Airto - Georgiana

Boy Dude - Cosmic Lines

Dreamcast & Sasac - Liquid Deep

Benjamin - Hello

Brian Ellis (Ft. Sasac) - Saito

Barry Biggs - Just an Illusion

Modula - Notturno

Mickey - The Mayor’s Daughter (Part II)

Space Ghost - Tropical Pavilion (Part I)

Bernard Guyvan - Polar (T’aurais Du T’ Tirer)(Charles Maurice Version)

Geoffrey Landers - Say You’ll Say so

Aceloveace - The Teacher

Steve Monite - Welcome My Love

Sun Palace - Coral Reef

Neo Image - So

Kinetic Electronix - DewDroppinn II

Benedek - Ocean Park (Feat. Just Tony)

Space Ghost - Endless Light 


Funk Bast*rd In30

Coming Soon.