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Samsin grew up and currently resides in central Ohio, United States. He discovered an interest for music production in 2015, but he didn't begin to take the craft seriously until the beginning of 2016. Samsin began meeting like-minded musicians on SoundCloud and in the spring of 2016 he joined the self-proclaimed 'sad artists' collective. The summer of 2016 brought more attention from his contemporaries. Samsin caught the ear of Daruma, a electronic music compilation project and earned a slot on their 9th volume in November of the same year. Samsin not only produces, but is an active DJ opening for other musicians in the growing Columbus, Ohio scene. Samsin's style always allows you to imagine yourself in another place. Each of his songs reflects a deep insight into the way he thinks about space and textures. His taste brings excitement and intricacy with vivid floating melodies, punchy drums and a delicious blend of percussion and vocal chops - something that resonates with the spirit of DTW and what we do.