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REKOD #13 - DJ Bowlcut (Seoul Community Radio) - Hosted By William J



REKOD #13 - DJ Bowlcut (Seoul Community Radio) - Hosted By William J

The 13th edition of REKOD features special guest DJ Bowlcut from Seoul, well known his raw house productions and as the chief music director at Seoul Community Radio.

One of very few DJs who spin left-of-centre house and techno in Seoul, his passion for these nascent genres in his own country has earned him a reputation of a tastemaker, weaving in deep and obscure international tracks along with material made by himself. His tracks have been selected and played out by tasteshapers such as Erol Alkan, Josey Rebelle, Violet, DJ Moxie, Baltra, Manuel Fischer and more.

Hosted by William J

This is their REKOD.

Download HERE


Intro - William J

Jako Maron - An lér si lo bor
4E - Warm Leatherette
Byron The Aquarius - I Can't Help My$elf (U)
Space Ghost - Color Waves
Yu Su - Watermelon Woman (Francis Inferno Orchestra's Augur Sacrifice Dub)
K15 & SMBD - Pace & Time
Unknown Artist - Dream Version
Gene Tellem - Chipped
Ambien Baby - Cosa
Moonchild - Ocean Deep
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Aishiteru, Aishitenai

Guest Mix - DJ Bowlcut

Transfer Station Blue - Nucleotide / Jordan Peterson “Introduction to the idea of God”
Too Smooth Christ - Wind In Trees (Live Version)
Nephase - Teaboy
Paolo Rocco - Pacific Surf
Charonne - Saule Moqueur
2 Pisceans - Didn’t Take Long
OCH - Chill Haze
Libe - Roots
Stewarts S. Walker - Japanese Maple
Pure Science - Some of Dis 
The Aztec Mystic - Aztec Mystic
Vendi - Lohere 
Nature Boy - Yeah (Groove Express Mix)
DJ Linus - New Jersey Funk
Sangam - Mournful Silence
Mall Music Muzak - Mall Closed

Outro - William J

Boxwork - Ridley Bumps
Polyswitch - CSV Shuffle
Simoncino - Perugia 1989
4 Hero - Escape That (New Sector Movements Remix)
AceMo - Matrix Acid
Kandinsky & Mr. Fries - Stranger
Mood J - Movin' (Got Myself Together)
Halfnelson - Universal Mind
Soundbwoy Killah - Escape Velocity
Michele Manzo - Downtown Funk Stroll
Regularfantasy - Life is Expensive
Lord Tusk - Far Removed
Infamous Boogieman - Revenge Tactics
Brief Encounter - We Want to Play
ERI - Oh Rumah