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Kei-li (canada)

Kevin is a self-taught producer, singer, and beatboxer from Canada. Two years ago, he began his musical journey as K.L.A.W. placing in the Top 5 of C2C's 'Happy' remix contest with his first release. He soon realized the error of his ways and changed his name to KEI-LI.  

As a young boy growing up in Mississauga, his traditional parents worried that their son had commitment issues. They sent him to piano lessons but he switched to drums because he was shit. His drumming plateaued and he quickly picked up beatboxing, FL studio, and street dance in high school. He then joined a university a cappella group as a beatboxer and started learning how to sing with the help of some other members. Upon discovering that his friend was moonlighting as producer Robotaki, he leveled up after a summer of beat sessions while "studying" for the MCAT. He did not end up taking the MCAT. 

Kevin was introduced to hip hop early on by his older siblings, while street dance informed his taste for funk, electro-house, and that offbeat swung groove. He started out making jazz and soul beats listening to the likes of Nujabes and 9th Wonder, and shortly thereafter his eyes were opened to the world of neo-soul. Nothing was the same.

KEI-LI recorded the bulk of his first EP 'Abstract Women Pt. 1' in his Montreal closet and released it in December 2014. He joined the Darker Than Wax family in early 2015 and is currently working on a follow-up EP while working in Toronto as a designer.