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'Tokyo Melt' mini documentary

dean chew

'Tokyo Melt' is a slow-brew series of parties curated by DTW Tokyo crew, involving visiting DTW artists and some of Tokyo's finest underground artists, DJs, producers and party-goers. The creative side of the party is led by multi-talented Chad, aka Foniks, DTW illustrator/beatmaker/DJ based in Tokyo, and logistics handled by Miki. 

'Melt' we do, as we attempt to 'mind-meld' (a Vulcan technique where individuals merge their minds together) with each other using a diverse range of soulful music, regardless of genre, finding that common ground.

In Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world with over 13 million inhabitants, you will come across a microcosm of countless music scenes, where curators and artists would pursue their style or genre with immense craftsmanship and a profound thirst for authenticity and knowledge (maybe you've heard of this term 'otaku'). Unfortunately, or not, sometimes these parties they put up may be a little stoic for new party-goers, and artists between different scenes don't often cross over their boundaries and collaborate together. 

In order to fill this gap, Tokyo Melt is a sonic mission to involve artists and crowds that usually otherwise wouldn't mix because of varying genres and styles of existing scenes. Hopefully, party-goers with open ears would find our night welcoming, and seasoned producers and DJs would hear their favourite or never-heard-before gems played by each other. We only hope to inspire a connection through music and art. 

This gorgeous film that truly captures and encapsulates the essence of what Tokyo does to its inhabitants in terms of underground music, was entirely produced by Sam King, a cinematographer based in Tokyo. Massive thanks go out to Sam. 

Keep supporting, and we will see you at our next mind-meld! Talks of another Melt in November.


東京メルトとはDarker Than Wax(以下DTW)東京支部がキューレーション手がける不定期なDJイベント。来日するDTWアーティストと東京現地で活躍するガチなアンダーグラウンドDJ/ビートメイカーの夢のコラボレーションを実現。そこにはジャンルも肩書きも垣根も無い。クリエイティブサイドを担当するのは東京を拠点とするアメリカ人ビートメイカー/DJ/イラストレーターのFoniks、オーガナイズを担当するのは日本人だけどシンガポール育ちのクラブカルチャー愛好家Miki。


今回のミニドキュメンタリーを完全にプロデュースしてくれたのは、イギリス人シネマトグラファーSam King。撮影が行われたのは東京メルト#3。その夜最高な音を提供してくれた世界のCosmopolyphonicクルーとBattle Train Tokyo、場所を提供してくれた恵比寿バチカ、オーガナイズを担当してくれたMidikick、サポートをし続けてくれているクラブカルチャー愛好家の皆さんに改めて感謝の気持ちを込めて。またマインドメルドしましょう。次は11月かな。

Tokyo Melt #1 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #1 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #2 flyer by  Pallavi Gupta

Tokyo Melt #2 flyer by Pallavi Gupta

Tokyo Melt #3 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #3 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #4 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #4 flyer by Foniks