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dean chew

Summer is almost over, so we thought it would be nice to drop a mini compilation for our global family. It's been a period of solid growth at DTW, and we simply wanted to share more positive vibes with you all. We called upon 4 of our artists from different corners of the globe - 10a (NZ), Kayloo (France), Neguimbeats (Brazil) and Silo (Belgium) for this project, and they have blessed us with varying interpretations. DTW co-founder Kaye jumps on a EWI collab with Neguim on 'Just Feel', adding that extra dimension to the sounds.
'Summer Jams' is about taking your time and remembering how to breathe, as opposed to filling up your routine all at once. It's pretty hectic sometimes with too much noise going on, and it's important to slow things down and recalibrate once again. 



Also, for those who might be keen on buying some of our merch pieces, we are giving a 10% discount on all orders above 50 USD. Use the code : WEMOVE upon checkout and it's all smiles after.