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Ken Tan



Cat No : DTW 32 
Worldwide release date : 30th Jan 2015 

Singapore, 23rd January: “but do you see what you've been missin'?” Tim De Cotta implores on the opening track, “Taj Yo'self” on TAJ’s “The Astral Journey” EP. Released under local independent record label, Darker Than Wax, the album will officially be released on 30th January 2015. 

So what is it exactly that we've been missing? This bitchin brew that was concocted in the studio for almost a year – that features poignant, illustrious pieces which evidently highlight their harmonious unity and talent. 

Along with Audrey Tengkey on keys, and JR Teo on drums, local cats of TAJ band is the answer to his question – bringing forth an exciting new venture, a great contribution to Singapore’s contemporary jazz scene. 

TAJ’s appeal lies in their creative approach to production and musicianship, unlocking a wide, cross generation appeal, especially among the youths. The Astral Journey is a cross pollination of beats, psychedelia, post-rock, breaks, and everything it takes to please the discerning ears of contemporary jazz musician and listener alike. 

“Old Town” is funky wah-wah number, with delicate keys and tight drumming which develops to a breakdown of mellow and psychedelic lead synth, with a fuzzy bass line. “7 DB” is a neutralising post-rock number of dreamy breaks, while “The Astral Journey” is the most “organic” track of the EP - a sexy, stripped down Blue Note number, muddled with an R&B influence that could easily use some vocal company. 

“You don't got to worry bout a thing...” Kaye, co-founder of Darker Than Wax, guest croons on the vocoder – a catchy yet calm assurance that this finish is only the beginning. Co-founders Kaye and Funk Bast*rd's production outfit Cosa Nostra's refix of Daydream takes on a 4- to-the-floor house-disco approach, a distinctive sound that is testament to DTW's fledgling roots. Rounding off this Ep is a smooth beatdown remix by our artist Jaël, a multi-faceted musician from Holland, who lays a Dilla-esque vibe on 'TAJ yo self'. 

-- Jaël's remix of 'Taj Yo'self' is exclusive to iTunes, Boomkat and Beatport only --