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Aloha Got Soul X Darker Than Wax presents Soul Time In Brooklyn!

dean chew


Aloha Got Soul ties up with Darker Than Wax to bring you the first edition of "Soul Time In Brooklyn"!!! 

Aloha Got Soul is a blog-turned-record label with a mission of bringing rare and relatively unknown music of Hawai‘i to the surface, as well as contributing to the diversity of Hawai‘i’s music scene and strengthening its reputation in the global music community. 

Co-Founder of Aloha Got Soul, Roger Bong, will be in NYC for the first-ever Soul Time in Brooklyn on October 22. Teaming up with core DTW team Marco Weibel to bring a taste of paradise (served on a vinyl record) to the trendy taqueria and discotheque known as Black Flamingo.

Joining Roger and Marco at the decks are Renata Do Valle of Hello Sailor Recordings and Who is Black of 

As with all Soul Time parties, we're focusing on vinyl with a special love for anything that does good for the soul — funk, disco, boogie, rare groove, Brazilian, and contemporary music from Hawaii.

PLUS: In-store session / listening party with Aloha Got Soul x Darker Than Wax at The Mixtape Shop. Same day as Soul Time! 

Event Page :

Sounds By : 
Roger Bong (Aloha Got Soul)

MARCOWEIBEL (Darker Than Wax

Renata Do Valle (Hello Sailor

Who Is Black? (SHHHHHHH.CO)


'Tokyo Melt' mini documentary

dean chew

'Tokyo Melt' is a slow-brew series of parties curated by DTW Tokyo crew, involving visiting DTW artists and some of Tokyo's finest underground artists, DJs, producers and party-goers. The creative side of the party is led by multi-talented Chad, aka Foniks, DTW illustrator/beatmaker/DJ based in Tokyo, and logistics handled by Miki. 

'Melt' we do, as we attempt to 'mind-meld' (a Vulcan technique where individuals merge their minds together) with each other using a diverse range of soulful music, regardless of genre, finding that common ground.

In Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world with over 13 million inhabitants, you will come across a microcosm of countless music scenes, where curators and artists would pursue their style or genre with immense craftsmanship and a profound thirst for authenticity and knowledge (maybe you've heard of this term 'otaku'). Unfortunately, or not, sometimes these parties they put up may be a little stoic for new party-goers, and artists between different scenes don't often cross over their boundaries and collaborate together. 

In order to fill this gap, Tokyo Melt is a sonic mission to involve artists and crowds that usually otherwise wouldn't mix because of varying genres and styles of existing scenes. Hopefully, party-goers with open ears would find our night welcoming, and seasoned producers and DJs would hear their favourite or never-heard-before gems played by each other. We only hope to inspire a connection through music and art. 

This gorgeous film that truly captures and encapsulates the essence of what Tokyo does to its inhabitants in terms of underground music, was entirely produced by Sam King, a cinematographer based in Tokyo. Massive thanks go out to Sam. 

Keep supporting, and we will see you at our next mind-meld! Talks of another Melt in November.


東京メルトとはDarker Than Wax(以下DTW)東京支部がキューレーション手がける不定期なDJイベント。来日するDTWアーティストと東京現地で活躍するガチなアンダーグラウンドDJ/ビートメイカーの夢のコラボレーションを実現。そこにはジャンルも肩書きも垣根も無い。クリエイティブサイドを担当するのは東京を拠点とするアメリカ人ビートメイカー/DJ/イラストレーターのFoniks、オーガナイズを担当するのは日本人だけどシンガポール育ちのクラブカルチャー愛好家Miki。


今回のミニドキュメンタリーを完全にプロデュースしてくれたのは、イギリス人シネマトグラファーSam King。撮影が行われたのは東京メルト#3。その夜最高な音を提供してくれた世界のCosmopolyphonicクルーとBattle Train Tokyo、場所を提供してくれた恵比寿バチカ、オーガナイズを担当してくれたMidikick、サポートをし続けてくれているクラブカルチャー愛好家の皆さんに改めて感謝の気持ちを込めて。またマインドメルドしましょう。次は11月かな。

 Tokyo Melt #1 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #1 flyer by Foniks

 Tokyo Melt #2 flyer by  Pallavi Gupta

Tokyo Melt #2 flyer by Pallavi Gupta

 Tokyo Melt #3 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #3 flyer by Foniks

 Tokyo Melt #4 flyer by Foniks

Tokyo Melt #4 flyer by Foniks

'WE MOVE' | DTW Europe Tour recap

dean chew

It has truly been a very progressive time for us here at DTW, with a successful EU tour which saw us play in a total of 9 cities. It was a blessing to travel and share the musical frequencies, but more importantly, it is the connection with the communities that inspires us and will always constitute the source of our strength. 
Seen through the talented eyes of rising photographer mellowedhigh who is no stranger to many, here's our journey into the sights and sounds.

1 in music

Credits :

Music by fzpz, KA--YU and Go Yama
Video production and footage by mellowedhigh

KEI-LI - Magnum Dragon ft. NAHTE | 'GTA FUNK' Ep out now

dean chew

Vinyl >>
Stream/Buy >>

GTA FUNK' is both a reaction to and a reflection of the 'Toronto' sound, conceived during KEI-LI’s move from the suburbs of Mississauga to the city of Toronto.

The vast multiculturalism of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has given birth to a sonic diversity that goes far beyond the signature OVO sound associated with the city. With the world finally tuning in, this EP also enlists the help of fellow artists like Robotaki, Falcxne, ANDES and NAHTE, which allows him to showcase a funkier side to the city that the world hasn’t been acquainted with yet.

KEI-LI started producing at the age of 13, informed by his interest in beatboxing and funkstyles popping. After stumbling upon neo-soul, he immediately discovered his musical direction, with Musiq and D'Angelo as his inspirations. While these musical foundations shine brightly throughout GTA Funk, KEI-LI has managed to forge a sonic aesthetic that is entirely his own.

There is an evident struggle with finding an authentic place as an Asian artist within the continuum of funk, soul, and hip hop musical traditions. Hence, the visual branding behind GTA Funk is inspired by the intersection of these two cultures: Kung Fu and hip hop.

Artwork and Vid by KEI-LI


dean chew


Currently playing at the HQ - we have co-founder Funk Bast*rd, who recently dug deep into his library for this 30 min blend, showcasing music from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. There were so many incredible sounds coming out of this entire region during the late 70s and early 80s, and we felt it was essential to share some of these gems with you all.

Tune in and zone out.


Darker Than Wax presents: TOKYO MELT #3

dean chew


On January 13 2017, we are back in Tokyo again, this time at Batica! Darker Than Wax(DTW) presents Tokyo Melt #3, a night of DTW universe via a sonical 'mind-meld', where we provide the vibes using a wide range of beats from old and new underground hip hop to rare soul, jazz and funk records.

This time featuring RGL, Tidal and Fujimoto Tetsuro from Cosmopolyphonic crew, and Teddman & Weezy The Era from Battle Train Tokyo. From our side, we will be welcoming back one of our core DTW DJs Marcoweibel and our in-house funk&art provider Foniks. They will be laying down some serious diversity in music altogether, behold, we will be one massive monster takoyaki by the end of the night warming you up from inside. 

濃密な低音、良質なサウンド、イノベイティブなセンスが評判となり、ビート・シーン以外でも注目されてい るシンガポール発インディーズレコードレーベル Darker Than Wax (以下 DTW) がキューレーション手がけるDJイベント、Tokyo Melt。Darker Than Waxのルーツはブラックミュージックにあり、Jazz, Boogie, Funk, Blues, Soul, Brazillian Grooves, House, Hip Hopなどのレコードを集め続ける正真正銘のヴァイナルジャンキーFunk Bast*rd率いる、音・映像・空間のデザインを手がけるムーブメントとして始まった。世界中に散らばる多種多様なアーティストをかかえ、もはやジャンルというコンセプトをも超える幅広い音源をリリースしつづける。

今回迎えるのはワールドワイドな共鳴を目指し地球の裏側で“今”鳴っている音をタイムレスに届けるべく、世界中で同時多発的に生まれているフレッシュな音を発掘し配信するラジオクルー CosmopolyphonicRGL, Tidal, Fujimoto Tetsuro、そして原点であるシカゴに続き忠実にシカゴフットワークを伝道するTeddman & Weezy The Era。クラブミュージックといえばUK、そしてアンダーグラウンドUKクラブミュージックといえば、のラジオ局NTSやXlr8rなどの大御所ミュージックマガジンでもフィーチャーされるCosmopolyphonicとTeddman & Weezyには今後も高い期待が寄せられる。DTWレジデントDJのMarcoweibelと自流ファンクを伝え続けるFoniksも参戦、今夜も幅広く、ハイクオリティなクラブミユージックと世界観を感じてもらえるはず。口の中でメルトする(溶ける)複雑な味が絶妙なハーモニーを繰り広げるタコヤキのような夜になるだろう。(注:タコヤキは出ません)

Fujimoto Tetsuro
Weezy The Era

2017/01/13 Friday


Ebisu Batica 
Ebisuminami 3-1-25, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0022

Cover ¥2,000
RSVP on FB event page for ¥500 discount. 

'NEW TIMES' Official Launch Party

dean chew

Amazing vibes at Cato, where we had a great turnout for the media launch and after party. The 'NEW TIMES' collaboration with G-Shock is perhaps one of our most significant projects to date, and solidifies the 5th year mark of our young imprint. Here's to that 2017 and beyond.

We Move.

Photography by Axel Serik and Funk Bast*rd

DTW Debuts in Manila

dean chew

Photography by Rohd


dean chew

'WE MOVE' | A monthly DTW broadcast from Red Bull Studios NYC

Starting in Sept, we will officially be launching a new monthly broadcast entitled 'WE MOVE' out of Red Bull Studios NYC. Hosted by our NY team of Mawkus and Marco Weibel, we will be sharing 2 hours of diverse musical vibes, with various segments in the show that feature label spotlights, classic gems and influences.

-Stay tuned-

DTW FM happens every Saturday 12- 2 pm EST on the Lot Radio NYC.

Vid by Andrew Crighton | Audio : fzpz - we move ft. Lena


dean chew

Summer is almost over, so we thought it would be nice to drop a mini compilation for our global family. It's been a period of solid growth at DTW, and we simply wanted to share more positive vibes with you all. We called upon 4 of our artists from different corners of the globe - 10a (NZ), Kayloo (France), Neguimbeats (Brazil) and Silo (Belgium) for this project, and they have blessed us with varying interpretations. DTW co-founder Kaye jumps on a EWI collab with Neguim on 'Just Feel', adding that extra dimension to the sounds.
'Summer Jams' is about taking your time and remembering how to breathe, as opposed to filling up your routine all at once. It's pretty hectic sometimes with too much noise going on, and it's important to slow things down and recalibrate once again. 



Also, for those who might be keen on buying some of our merch pieces, we are giving a 10% discount on all orders above 50 USD. Use the code : WEMOVE upon checkout and it's all smiles after.

Recap: TOKYO MELT #2

dean chew

The community vibe was strong with the presence of music lovers from Tokyo's Beats scene, to the creative/design community, the local Chicago Footwork scene, and the UK Bass scene. With diversity always, we move. Big up Go Yama, RAH, Fauxe, Yukibeb, Alta and Stupid Kozo, these guys kept every foot light and workin' till the breakfast hour. So much gratitude to every single head that came out that night. Special thanks to Toranoko Shokudo for having the heaviest soundsystem for the size of the venue, never disappoints. Look out for the next TOKYO MELT!

Darker Than Wax がキューレーションを手がけるレーベルイベント、TOKYO MELT第二弾。今回はSFからGo Yama, シンガポールからRAH, Fauxe, William J, 日本で唯一SoulectionをレペゼンするYukibeb, 最近上海から東京に拠点を移したグライムDJのAlta, 絶妙なラウンジ音を出すAbysmal Lounge Radio のStupid Kozoらのおかげで朝までコミュニティー感が半端ない。東京の若手のクリエイティブな人たちから、シカゴフットワーク、ビート、UKベースなどのシーンからも遊びに来てくれたヘッズに感謝。創造性と多様性とが溶け合うのがDarker Than Wax presents TOKYO MELT。虎子食堂さんのヘビーな音響設備に間違い無し!次回をお楽しみに!